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Who will you meet?

The kidney transplant team

The medical specialists
The nephrologists, surgeons and anaesthesiologists are medical specialists. They are responsible for your medical treatment.

The kidney transplant coordinators
The kidney transplant coordinators organise the screening and planning around living kidney donation and transplantation. During the preparation process, they will be your regular contact person and will guide you and your partner or family throughout the process. They will also ensure you are placed on the Eurotransplant waiting list if there is no suitable living donor. Eurotransplant is the European organisation for organ transplant.

The kidney transplant nurse practitioners
During the preparations at the polyclinic and the admission, you will meet the kidney transplant nurse practitioners. After your first visit to the nephrologist at the polyclinic, they will guide you and your living donor, if you have one, through the preparation. During your admission, they will advise you on taking medication and give diet and lifestyle recommendations. They will also carry out your check-up after living donation at the polyclinic. The first time will be 3 months after the donation and after that you will come in once a year.

The kidney transplant surgery nurse practitioners
During your visit to the surgeon’s polyclinic or during the admission, you will meet the kidney transplant surgery nurse practitioners. They can inform you about the operation and recovery. During the admission, they will visit you during the daily rounds and assess your surgical recovery. You can ask them any questions about the operation and recovery.

The social worker
During the screening or admission, you will have an interview with the social worker. You can expect psychological guidance from the medical social worker, if you think you may need this. They will be able to give you advice and help you to solve non-medical problems, to do with your family situation, work, financial questions, subsidies and contact with insurance companies, for example.