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Family or friend of a patient

Do you know a kidney patient? Maybe your partner, parent, child, friend or an acquaintance? A kidney disease not only affects the patient, but it can also affect you, as you are a part of their social network. Family and friends play different roles in every situation. It is important to support the kidney patient through the process around a transplant. It can be helpfull to educate yourself about the disease and the threatment options. This way, you will understand the process the patient is going through. You will then also know what changes you can expect to your situation after the transplant. You will discover the positive consequences of the transplant. The quality of the life of the patient will generally be better. Of course, there may also be difficulties. The time after the transplant can be stressful for example. Not just for the patient, but also for you.

If you go through the process together, you can find a way to deal with the challenges associated with the transplant. If you support the patient you both will feel stronger together!

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