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1500th Living Kidney Donation

In May 2014 the Erasmus MC carried out the 1500th kidney transplantation with the kidney of a living donor.

Living donation

Since 1981 living kidney donations are possible at the Erasmus MC. In 2013 more than 130 kidney transplants in a year have been made possible by living kidney donors. Generally, these living donors are family, friends or loved ones of the kidney patient. But also anonymous kidney donation is on the rise. About once a month a living donor who is not related to or known by the recipient donates a kidney voluntary.


Thanks to diverse developments in transplant possibilities, in the last ten years an increase in kidney transplants can be observed. The cross-over program, but also the ABO-incompatible kidney transplant program, kidney desensitization program and innovations in surgery techniques contribute to that. Education about kidney disease and possible treatments remains important. Recent Dutch research has demonstrated the success of home-based education. Read more about this.

Waiting list

However, the waiting list is still long. In the Netherlands, every year about 2000 kidney patients become dialysis dependent. Of this group, about 1200 people a year are registered at the waiting list for a kidney transplant.

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