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Family or friend of a donor

Is someone you know considering living donation? Maybe your partner, parent, child, friend or an acquaintance? Choosing to become a living donor is a brave decision. The opinions of people close to the individual are often an important part of the decision to donate a kidney. Kidney donation does not only have an impact on the donor, but also on you, as part of their social network.

As someone who is close to the person, you may be shocked by the idea that your healthy family member or friend wants to give someone a kidney. It can be helpful for said person if you can offer them advise or support about the decision. You should therefore try to find out as much as you can about living donation. You could read experiences of other donors, for example. You can also go along to information meetings about kidney donation, or go to the information session with the nephrologist.

Once the choice to donate has been made, it’s important for you to be able to support the donor in the process around the donation. Find out about the examinations, surgery and aftercare.

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