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This website is initiated by the Erasmus MC Rotterdam. Erasmus MC is the largest center in Europe for living kidney donation. Over the past decades, extensive experience has been gained on the removal and transplant of kidneys from living donors, as well as with the counseling and psychological support of donors and recipients. On this website we provide you with information about living kidney donation and the diverse transplant options. Kidney patients, donors and relatives share their experiences on this website.

“Because of two kidney transplantations I was able to have my children”

Kim van Ierssel (35) has already received a new kidney twice. Those kidneys gave her a new perspective on life. “Because of the first transplantation I was able to have two beautiful children. And thanks to the second I am able to watch them grow up.”

You can watch the video of Kim’s story here. On this website there are many other stories of kidney donors and patients. You can respond to stories if you’d like. You can also find all the information you need about living kidney donation. If you have any questions, or have a story of your own, you can contact our panel.